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This month we are running a campaign to raise money

to switch from our current app to a new multilingual app - to make our courses more accessible.

To support our campaign, join us for an evening of reflection, inspiration, laughter, sensory pleasure, great tunes and celebration...  


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22 November, Sutton - 4 December, Montreal
15 $

22 November
24b Rue Principale Sud, Sutton

17h30 - Music & Drinks
17h45 - Inspirational event
19h45 - Music & Drinks


4 December
1212 Rue Panet, Montréal, room 200

 (18h30 - Cocktail Workshop  - 20 spots only!)
19h00 - Music & Drinks
19h30 - Inspirational Event
21h30 - Music & Drinks

Click on "Rewards" and select "Celebratory Event"


We’ll be kicking off with a festive toast before we launch into the story of how we came to be, what our campaign is all about, and why exploring intimacy and connecting to your sexuality is about so much more than just sex…


We will also treat you to an (anonymous) quiz to expand your sexual understanding, a titillating five senses experience, surprise performances of local artists, and an unusual photo booth. 

All rounded up with some cracking tunes!

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Explore your senses and discover what tastes bring you pleasure! This short masterclass will introduce you to two classic drinks and will teach you a few techniques on how to master flavour by thoroughly engaging each of your five senses… We have rebranded the drinks for the occasion and if you prefer you can make a non-alcoholic version of both. (The workshop is no longer available but we'll be serving Clitorinis and Vulvalicious cocktails before, during and after the event!) 

$20, for 2 drinks and free access to the event


What we are fundraising for and why it matters

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