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Reflection Sheet
Exploration & Desires 

A key step in deepening your relationship to your body, to your sexuality or to others is to get clarity on your desires. What do you wish to explore and experience? 



Start by creating a relaxing atmosphere and take a few minutes to prepare in whatever way you fancy. Find somewhere cosy where you won’t be disturbed, put on some music, make yourself comfortable and grab a fresh sheet of paper.




As you read and reflect on each question, try to capture your thoughts without judging them. 

Don’t worry about the way you’re writing - the most important thing is being able to explore your thoughts in a way that makes sense to you and gives you some clarity on your desires and what you are interested in exploring more.

We suggest approaching each question in different stages. For example: 1) a free flow of thoughts; 2) identifying your key insights e.g. by underlining or highlighting; 3) writing a short summary of your key ideas.


Part 1. Exploration

To be able to fully reflect on these questions, it’s important to first watch the “Tour through the female genital universe” video, which you can access here.

Q: Which parts of your genital universe are you interested in exploring the pleasure potential of, and why?

For example: the outer or inner labia; the external or internal parts of the clitoris; the urethral and perineal sponges; the cervix and plexi spots; the vaginal canal; perineum or anal canal, etc.

Want some inspiration?
Click here to hear what other people answered. 

Q: Which of these parts do you feel ready to explore, and where do you feel more hesitant or resistant? Why do you think that is?

Q: What would you need to feel more comfortable to explore further (e.g. information, context, tools, etc.)?

Part 2. Desired Qualities

Q: What quality or qualities would you like to experience in your sexuality? You can consider this both in terms of your connection to yourself, and your connection to others.

For example: curiosity; power; playfulness; pleasure; confidence; calm; beauty; excitement; joy; trust; courage; creativity; passion; authenticity; wildness; sacredness; aliveness, etc.

Want some inspiration? Click here to hear what other people answered. 

Q: Why are these qualities important to you?

Q: How do you think cultivating these qualities might ripple outward and affect other parts of your life? e.g. your relationship with your body, your self-image, family, friendships, partners, passions, hobbies, work, goals etc.

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