Interactive sessions to appreciate your body more,
to feel more at ease with your sexuality and to connect more deeply with others.

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The program really increased my curiosity and gave me everything I needed to explore my sexuality more deeply. I now have an entire toolbox that I can dig in for the rest of my life!


As social creatures we are united in our need for some kind of intimate connection. Yet our bodies and minds are all wired differently. And oh my! Society doesn't make it easy for us to experience our relationships and sexuality in our own unique way.


Taboos, shaming, confusing cultural values, narrow social norms, unhealthy beauty standards, childhood wounds, difficult experiences... 

Fortunately there is more and more helpful guidance available: books, therapists, events, retreats. But some of these options are pricey, while others can be hard to fit into our schedules. Plus it can be tricky to overcome barriers and build new habits. Especially without a clear process to follow and some support from others.


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A flexible but structured approach that makes exploration fun and motivating

So at Unime we have developed an affordable approach that is very flexible, but that also provides structure and opportunities to connect with a coach, partners, friends and peers.


We bring people together and celebrate everyone's unique sexuality. We provide the knowledge, tools and spaces for you to explore your intimate relationships, starting with the one to yourself.


Through our app we provide guidance to learn, explore and experience change in all dimensions. The physical, the psychological, the social and the practical.


So that everyone can experience more...

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Being more knowledgable and confident about how sex works completely changed my level of pleasure. Before, I was often too alert. Now I can relax and sex is wonderful! 


Interactive sessions
to enjoy however you prefer

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fun workshops
with friends

solo sessions

special dates

with a partner

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The program really helped me to talk more openly about my sexuality because now I have the words to express things! Talking about sex with my partner and friends became normal.

resources informed by science as well as knowledge that has been passed on for centuries

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thematic podcasts . written guides . illustrated videos . audio-guided practices . reflection questions

live coaching calls and special cohorts to connect with a coach and peers

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I really liked hearing what everyone had to say about the same topic or the same practice. It was great that we could share about our experiences and our difficulties - or not!

something for everyone to start or deepen their exploration

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Our courses are aimed at women and people with vulvas, AND their partners (of any gender).

Whether you’re having sex all the time or not at all, if you’re single or in a long-term relationship, if you’re 18 or 82 - our services are for you! Sexuality and intimacy exploration is a continuous process and it’s valuable to everyone throughout their lives.



Videos, practices and tools on everything from attachment and consent to  desire and emotions.


Get a taste of our approach and discover the anatomy of pleasure and your incredible genital universe.


The deep dive to explore all dimensions of your sexuality and deepen your connection to your body and others. 

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So many things already changed in my head with this program. It’s opening all these little doors. I now see my sexuality as something fun, as something that is right!

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pregnancy & parenthood