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Explore your relationships,
start with the one to yourself 

It is all about connection, health and wellbeing. Connecting to your mind, your body and others. It can be about feeling more confident, more secure, or just better in your skin. Or about wasting less energy on unhealthy relationships and worries about your appearance, so that you have more energy for what you care about. That's why we've created Unime. 

We are a non-profit, feminist co-operative dedicated to giving people the knowledge, tools, and the peer spaces to explore all dimensions of their intimate relationships.


Being more knowledgable and confident about how sex works completely changed my level of pleasure. Before I was often too alert. Now I can relax and sex is wonderful!


It’s really helpful to share with other women who have different kinds of experiences and relationships to their body. In our group we helped each other to grow together.


The program really helped me to talk more openly about my sexuality because now I have the words to express things! Talking about sex with my partner and with friends became normal.


fun & flexible

pre-recorded workshops combining presentations, practices and reflection time, that you can do whenever it suits you, by yourself or with friends

peer exchange & personal guidance

hear and learn from others
and ask your questions during monthly online gatherings facilitated by our certified sexuality and relationship coach


scientific knowledge & practical guides

illustrated videos and written guides based on insights from research, and modern self-exploration approaches

home practices & reflection tools

to connect with your body, make sense of experiences, and better communicate desires and boundaries

Whether you’re looking to deepen your intimate relationships, or take the first few steps in exploring them, we have something for you.




Videos, practices and tools on everything 

from attachment and consent to  desire and emotions.



Get a taste of our approach and discover the anatomy of pleasure and your incredible genital universe.



The deep dive to explore all dimensions of your sexuality and deepen your connection to your body and others.