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Goodbye Sexplore, hello...

Although we love the concept of sexploration, we are changing our name! Many of our supporters told us:"Why? Sexplore is such a great name!" So let us explain…

In 2020 we chose the name Sexplore as we liked the idea of having a name that communicated our mission. A name that made it clear, without any explanation, what our work focuses on. And a name that communicated something about our values and approach.

Celebration Sexplore to us was a celebratory name that expressed that it is normal and healthy to explore our bodies, sexuality and intimate relationships and that it can be fun to do so. Accessibility & Inclusion

In 2021 we got lots of positive responses to our name. But we also discovered that the name brought up some significant barriers to accessibility and inclusivity, which are two of our key values. It's about ALL our intimate relationships

The name Sexplore leads some people to think that our work is only about sex - and specifically partnered sex - while our work is so much broader than that! It’s about all our intimate relationships, including our relationship to ourselves. Our relationship to our unique sexuality, our body, our mind, our past and current experiences, our desires…

Our program is for anyone

Our program is relevant to anyone. No matter if you are single, dating or in any kind of relationship. No matter you are having lots of sex, or are not interested in having any!

Battling the taboo

The name Sexplore can also provide a barrier to people who are interested in the content of our program but who have some discomfort with the word "sex”. A discomfort which - due to all the taboos and mixed messages that have been passed on for centuries - is very common!

Finally, we discovered that for some funders having the word "sex" in our name also provided a barrier to supporting us, despite valuing the impact of our work.

A new name

So we consulted many members of our community of supporters. And asked them to help us to come up with a new name. And… we are delighted to report that one of our supporters found a brilliant one.

A new name that tells the story of what we are all about…

Stay tuned!


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