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Science video
The anatomy of pleasure  

An audio-visual tour through the incredible female genital universe. This video takes you through all the different elements of your genital universe and how they function, interact and give you pleasure. So get yourself a cuppa and get comfy for this 20-minute journey of discovery.

"Okay, my mind is officially blown. I thought I knew a lot about female anatomy but... this video just revealed it as a tiny fraction of what there is still to understand!"

Mini-course participant 2021


Interested in more?

In our monthly newsletter we share two free resources for women and vulva-owners everywhere!

Our free
taster package package is all about the female genital universe - understanding how it works, how to better connect to it, and how to think through what you’d like to bring into your sexual life. It includes two audio-guided practices, a reflection sheet and three stories in which women share their sexploration journeys.

Our 6-month
program is an in-depth journey to explore your sexuality and deepen your connection to your mind, body, and others. It guides you to:

  • better understand your experiences with insights from physical and social science;

  • identify, communicate and act on your personal needs, desires and boundaries;

  • feel more at home in your body and explore it in ways that feel good to you;

  • learn effective self-care practices that you can use throughout your life;

  • create a supportive context to explore, transform habits and work through blockages.


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