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Coming soon: Accessible intimacy guidance in French

We are delighted to share that we received funding to translate our course resources into French.

Thanks to the Caisse d'économie solidaire - a cooperative bank that invests in a social and sustainable economy - millions of Francophone people in Québec, and around the world, will soon be able to enjoy our services!

In one of last month's blogs we shared how we had discovered that there are still main stream funding institutions that - out of fear of "controversy" - don't support organizations whose work relates to sexuality. Fortunately there are also funders like the Caisse d'économie solidaire. Instead of continuing to view sexuality as a "taboo" subject, this bank understands the key role that sexuality and relationship education plays in our general wellbeing, and longterm the health and strength of our communities! Not only did they award us the maximum grant amount from their "Fonds d’aide au développement du milieu"*, their representative mentioned in their grant letter that the Caisse d'économie solidaire "fully associates" themselves with our work. (*Environmental Development Fund) Just one sentence. A short but powerful acknowledgement like that. It is all we need every now and then to keep our big vision alive! Being able to serve Francophone communities is a milestone step in our vision of accessible and inclusive intimacy guidance FOR ALL. And translating our existing course resources into French is a crucial key step towards reaching this goal.

Merci beaucoup à la Caisse d'économie solidaire!

The Caisse d'économie solidaire is the main financial institution in Quebec specializing in social economy and responsible investment (RI). With the savings of their members (including Unime!) they invest nearly $850 million in loans and grants to cooperatives and NPOs in Quebec.


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