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And our new name is...

Unime. It’s a name that feels like a great fit because it communicates what we do, as well as why and how we do it.

So how to pronounce it? It’s not "unIme", like in the English word "grime" (Yuk!). Nor "uniME". It's: ʊnɪm / yo̅o̅nēm


Through our app-mediated program, we guide people to explore their intimate relationships in all dimensions that they may be interested in: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the social and the spiritual.


Our program modules combine many different tools - videos, podcasts, written guides, audio practices and personal stories - so that each person can focus on whatever feels most relevant or intriguing to them at the moment. Besides introducing people to insights and tools - practical exercises and reflection questions play a key role. Because it’s only through experience and reflection that we can discover what is unique about how we desire to experience intimacy and our sexuality.


We understand that we all have different preferences about HOW we like to explore. So, with our program you can choose whatever works best for you. Our program modules are set-up like interactive workshops that you can do solo, with a partner or with friends. This means that you can go through the whole program anonymously and just listen to the stories of others (in our app, or during live sessions). Or you can choose to share about your own experiences with friends or a partner during the workshops, or with peers during the live Q&A and coaching sessions on Zoom. So that’s it. A new name, but still the same approach that invites you to explore and experience intimacy and your sexuality in your own way. An approach that celebrates how our own bodies and minds can be amazing sources of joy, calm, pleasure and meaningful connection to ourselves and others.

We’d love to hear what you think of our choice!


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