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App-mediated intimacy workshops? How does that work?

Doing our app-mediated sessions can be as simple as: shutting your door, grabbing some headphones and a notebook and getting all comfy on your couch or bed. Or as elaborate as: preparing a multiple-day retreat in a cabin in the woods with your close friends or a lover - complete with candles, cozy blankets and pillows and your favourite music, food and drinks.

It’s totally up to you! But we do our best to make it easy to prepare by providing different check-lists for “meet-ups with friends”, “sessions for two” and “multiple-day retreats”.

The main differences with regular workshops are:

  • you choose who you’d like to do the session with, if anyone (so no need to share the experience with complete strangers);

  • you choose the time and space that suits you best;

  • you choose if you want to do a full session in one go, or spread it over several days;

  • you can skip any part that you don’t feel like doing.

But just like with an in-person workshop there is:

  • facilitation guidance provided by our coach;

  • a carefully mapped-out gradual journey to guide you step-by-step;

  • a mixture between different types of activities to keep the experience engaging;

  • suggested timings for each activity to help you plan.

Essential preparation includes:

  • selecting dates and locations;

  • grabbing a pen and paper (or opening up a document)

Optional preparation may involve:

  • preparing something tasty to drink and eat;

  • connecting a mobile device to a TV or computer screen (preferable if you are with more than 3 people);

  • arranging for your housemates, partner or kids to be out of the house or asleep;

  • creating a nice atmosphere with cozy light, blankets or background music;

  • putting on comfy clothes (or clothes that help you feel in the mood for intimate exploration).

The interactive sessions of our program combine videos with practical guidance, podcasts with insights from research, audio-guided practices and lots of questions to reflect on by yourself or to discuss with whomever you might be doing the session with. The audio-guided practices are designed to be suitable to do in the company of friends and don’t require any nakedness.

(That said, our program also includes other audio-guided practices that are designed to guide you to further explore your relationship to your mind and body by yourself!)

If you choose to do our interactive sessions with one or several friends, you’ll have an experience much like the “Vag Night” sessions that we started back in 2012. See our previous post with our “origin story”.

Doors to our program will open again in August! Click here to find out more about our program and to join our waitlist.

Until then, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.


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