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Become an ambassador and get free access to the new version of our app

You can help us reach our accessibility and impact goals by spreading the word about our campaign. Any conversation or message or donation will be valuable. However, the easiest way for us to reach our goal is to presell access to our courses!

So to give you an incentive to try and help us find people who might be interested in our courses, we offer the option to become an ambassador, which is rewarded with free access to our complete program (all three of our courses) in the new version of our app!

What does it mean to be a campaign ambassador? The process is very simple:

STEP 1 - share our campaign video to find out who might be interested

STEP 2 - follow up with the people who showed interest

STEP 3 - tell us when three of your friends have joined

STEP 1 - share our campaign video to find out who might be interested

The easiest way to get started is to share the link to our campaign page with anyone who might be interested in our courses and invite them to watch our 3.5 minute long campaign video that is on the top of the page. You could show the video when you meet your friends/family in person, you might like to send private messages or emails or you could post about our campaign on one of your social media profiles. Whatever method you prefer, we'll make it really easy with templates tailored for different platforms (text message, Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). Templates which you can use as they are, adapt, or ignore! Click here for the Ambassador Pack with all the templates.

STEP 2 - follow up with the people you reached out to

After a five days or so, you might want to follow with any friends who didn't respond yet or who showed interest. Ask them if they are interested in one of our three courses in particular or if they'd maybe like to get access to everything. If they have questions to which you don't know the answers, consult the FAQ section on our Courses Page or Campaign Page or get in touch with us. And finally, decide if you’d like to get full free access yourself or if you'd like to split the discount amongst you (see below for more info).

STEP 3 - tell us when three of your friends have joined

After you have found three people ready to join, ask one of them to pay for the "Unime Program - Lifetime Access for 3" reward on our Campaign Page. After they have paid, email us their names (or aliases) and email addresses and you’ll all get access to the three courses, as soon as each the courses gets launched in our new app!

Click here to check out the campaign page with all the info

Click here to sign up as an ambassador

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you!

You can contact us through the contact form at the bottom of our "about" page

When will the campaign take place and how long do I have to spread the word?

We will run our campaign from November 15th until December 21st so you’ll have exactly 5 weeks (35 days) to get in touch with your friends and family and get them onboard. If you manage to “recruit” three friends within the first week you will all receive one of our favorite practices as a bonus!

What if I don’t find three people who are interested to join?

If you find just one or two people interested, you can purchase access to one of our courses as a group of two or three and we’ll reward all of you with one of our favorite audio-guided pleasure practices.

Can I become an ambassador if I am a guy? Can a group of guys join a course?

Sure! The majority of our content is relevant to anyone and we won’t say 'no' to anyone who’d like to support our campaign. Just note that some course content focuses specifically on the vulvovaginal universe, and that the majority of the live coaching sessions are only accessible to people who identify as women and non-binary people with vulvas. Why or how to share the ambassador offer with my friends?

Maybe the first three friends you get in touch with jump onboard in a heart beat. Maybe they only say 'count me in' after three detailed follow-up messages, and you spending an hour on the phone with each of them. Maybe you’ll have to talk to twenty friends before you find those that are ready for the ride.

What we are trying to say: your "recruitment" quest may be a breeze or a quite a job. Now, if your mission turned out to be a walk in the park, you could obviously choose to split the costs of three spots in our program between the four of you. That way you’ll all be able to equally benefit from this ambassador offer.

It's totally up to you! If you decide to go for this option, all you’ll have to do is give 99.75$ to each of your three friends and then you’ll all have paid the same: 299.25$ instead of the three of them paying 399$ (the reduced campaign price per person for a group of 3) or instead of 437$ (the normal price per person for a group of 4).


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