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An app to discover your sexuality, one taboo at a time

Our newspaper baptism! Thanks Nicolas Parent - journalist of La Voix de L'est - for this detailed article about our mission, our courses and our upcoming campaign to crowdfund the new, bilingual version of our app.


Note: This is a translation. Click here to read the original article in French. NICOLAS T. PARENT

La Voix de l'Est Published: 8 November 2022

Through Unime Co-op, Marlene Bovenmars' mission is to guide people to explore their sexuality and intimate relationships in a positive way. Determined to continue her work, the Sutton resident plans to launch a new mobile and bilingual app, aimed at all adults, regardless of regardless of background, gender or orientation.

Marlene Bovenmars' entrepreneurial adventure began in 2013, when she was living with three other women. A sharing group was soon formed, focusing on

sexuality and intimate relationships. The friends would meet up to discuss things in an intimate way.

"One day we were in the kitchen and my friend brought up the subject, how every woman's body and sexuality is so different. We realised that, despite our feminist values, we had so much to learn about this" says the co-founder and certified sexuality and relationship coach.

The women realised how important these discussions about their relationships to their own bodies and their partners, were to their development. Marlene Bovenmars had an idea. The idea was to offer the general public the opportunity to learn by providing information on these often taboo subjects and offering comfortable spaces to talk.

"We thought that the best way to reach people, to talk about taboos, was to offer downloadable content online," she continues. She believes that the Unime app fills a gap. It targets adults because most people who are adults today never received extensive information and tools for enjoying their sexuality and developing healthy and fulfilling intimate relationships.

"So many have suffered for years and have given up and have given up on the idea that their relationships and sex life could be better." - Marlene Bovenmars, co-founder of Unime

In April 2021, the first version of the Unime mobile app was launched. The feminist co-operative offers interactive courses designed to be taken solo, with friends or with a partner. The unilingual English formula proved successful, but it was time to address accessibility issues and broaden the target audience.

Revised and updated

Once launched, the second version of the mobile application will offer all the information contained in its predecessor. However, it will be available in both official languages.

Alone, with friends or with their partner, interested people will be able to follow interactive workshops, watch videos, listen to podcasts, do audio exercises, take moments of introspection and participate in group sessions via Zoom. It will be possible to ask questions, receive advice and listen to stories from other

other users.

The mobile application Unime, co-founded by Sutton's Marlene Bovenmars (photo), helps to break down taboos, to learn and share about sexuality and intimate relationships. - COURTESY ANDRÉE-ANNE GINGRAS-ROY

We share scientific information and advice from experts in the field," says the woman who facilitates the online group sessions. The topics in the app cover a wide range, including body connection, self-esteem, orgasms and sexual desire, elements that influence sexuality such as culture and norms, emotions and stress, and communication and consent in relationships.

"People can access all the information and tools so that they can make their own choices based on their unique values, desires and preferences," says Marlene Bovenmars.

The formula is different from others of its kind, says the co-founder. Once people have joined the app, all they need to do is find a good moment to explore and press play! It will be easily accessible for those who do not have an Internet connection. In addition, there will be a one-time fee to access the content for an unlimited time.

"When one person gets the application for themselves or for a loved one, another person who cannot afford it will get access for free. Partner organisations will distribute these free spots," she adds. This Buy One, Give One initiative is supported by the Canadian Women's Foundation Investment Readiness Program, funded by the federal government.

Fundraising campaign

The Unime team is planning a social fundraising campaign, the proceeds of which will be used to migrate the content to the new application. It will be possible to contribute financially- online from Monday 14 November. The designers already received financial support from The Co-operators (for the app platform) and the Caisse d'économie solidaire Desjardins (for the translation of the content into French).

A party, open to the general public, will be held in the following weeks. The celebrations surrounding the second release of the application will feature a combination of stories, experiences and practical advice. A quiz on sexuality, a visualization exercise and a sensory workshop will enhance the event. The exact date will be announced on the Unime website shortly. ---- The events will take place on the 22nd of November in Sutton and on the 4th of December in Montreal. Click here for more information about the event or join the event pages on Facebook: Sutton Event, Montreal event. #Baptism #NewspaperBaptism #FirstArticle #Celebration #RegionalExposure #CoopPromotion #SexEdForAdults #RelationshipGuidance #Intimacy #CrowdfundingCampaign #NewApp


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