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Our origin story

#BestFriendsDay We wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for friendship, the beauty of vulvas and the power of solidarity.

Do you have any friends that you’d feel comfortable talking to about your intimate relationships and sexuality?

If yes, our program can provide you and your friends with enough conversation topics for at least 6 months (if not a lifetime).

If not, through our program you can also access the stories of others or share your experiences with peers.

But you don’t necessarily need our program!

Like our founders, you can organize your own meet-ups with your best friends and then you could be the first brave person to bring up a topic that you’d like to discuss but never openly talked about, or asked about, until now…

What would that topic be?

Click here more info about us and here for more info about our program (that you can so solo, with friends or with a partner/lover). VIDEO TRANSCRIPT “It all started back in 2012. At the time I lived in a house-share with three other women. And that day our friend Nina was visiting, and we were all in our kitchen cooking lunch together.

And then at some point, one of us, probably our co-founder Imogen, asked the highly original question: “Isn’t it incredible how every vulva looks so different”?

None of us remembers how this unusual question actually came up - in the middle of cooking! - but what we DO remember is how less than a minute later we had abandoned our chopping boards and cooking pots and we found ourselves crowded around a laptop, in the middle of our kitchen, flicking through a slideshow of vulvas! Photographs of real vulvas!

And as women in our mid-to late twenties, who were all passionate about women rights issues, we were so surprised to realize that none of us had ever taken the time to really look at our own vulvas, let alone other people’s! Apart from Imogen, who somehow had always been curious about vulvas and vaginas.

But for the rest of us: seeing the wide array of shapes and colours and degrees of hairiness, straight away sparked a whole lot of other questions. And so we decided to schedule an evening to talk some more...

So a few days later, we sat in our living room, around a large sheet of paper, and Imogen drew a giant vulva in the middle. And then we asked ourselves: so what are we curious about?

And we remember how we were all a bit hesitant at the start, because many of these topics we had never talked about with anyone. But within an hour the whole sheet was full of topics and questions! And that’s when we realized it was going to take us years, if not a lifetime, to explore it all.

So, we started meeting up regularly, and that’s how this whole idea of regular meet-ups was born - and we called it... Vag Night!

And every time we met up we put different topics on the Vagenda. And in between we’d read books and blogs, watch talks and documentaries, explore and experiment, and chat with our partners and friends.

And we were just discovering so many interesting and helpful things that we started telling our friends about Vag Night, and loads of them wanted to get involved as well. But we knew that we had to stay as a group of six to keep the intimacy and trust between us. So instead of making our group bigger, we shared our approach, new groups started springing up, and thus the story of Unime began.

Fast forward a few years - and a lot of research, professional training and personal exploration - and here we are: a feminist non-profit cooperative dedicated to taking people through the same journey we found ourselves on.”


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