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We're expanding our team!

We’re looking for someone to join our fabulous, feminist team in Montreal. Know anyone who might be interested?

POSITION: Part-time

WORK HOURS: 14-21 hrs, flexible around deadlines and meetings

SALARY: 50.000 CAD annual pro rata ($27.47/hour - we have an equal salary policy)

START DATE: September 2022 (exact start date can be negotiated)

BENEFITS: Free access to our services, 6 week's of paid holidays, and more! Click here for all the info and to apply.

Role description

Within our team you will collaborate closely with our coach and Strategy Lead on our outreach and marketing strategy - co-creating engaging content, events/experiences and systems to meet the objectives of our co-op, with a particular focus on online communications through social media, the promotion of free taster events/resources and referral partnerships.

Thanks very much for sharing this opportunity across your networks, or passing this along to anyone in particular who could be interested to support accessible and inclusive sex and relationship guidance for adults .

A bit about us

We are a horizontal, feminist, non-profit co-operative. We have a horizontal approach to governance and we use self-management techniques to collaborate with each other as peers.

We just received a grant to "step-up" our strategy to increase our reach and impact through (online) outreach. It's a very exciting time in our development. Thanks to this grant there will be room for experimentation and new ideas as well as funding for training, research, development and networking with organizations and individuals with complementary missions.


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