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Choosing a sex toy

There is a massive number of sex toys on the market, and it can feel overwhelming trying to choose one. If you are interested in getting one, have a look at the questions in this guide to work out what’s right for you.

Sex toys are by no means essential for sexual exploration. Many people love them, while many others experience more satisfying pleasure without them. Our genital universes are all wired in very different ways in terms of what kind of stimulation feels best to us. Stimulation that feels weird, too intense or uninteresting to some people, can be intensely pleasurable to others.

Area(s) - Which areas of your body are you most interested in exploring Stimulation - Are you looking for a vibrating or non-vibrating toy? - If you are interested in vibration, what level of intensity are you looking for?* Durability - Is it important to you to buy a durable toy? Sound - Is it important to you to have a very quiet toy? Power** - Do you care about the battery life and whether the toy is rechargeable? Budget - How much money are you willing to invest? Usage - Is it, for example, important for you to be able to use your toy under water? Or with a partner? Look - Do you want your toy to look a certain way, in terms of shape or colours - What would be your preferred colours? Material*** - Do you have a preference for a particular type of material? - Do you have any allergies or intolerances to any materials? Environmental and social impact*** - Do you want to know about the environmental or social impact of the toy material, how it is sourced, and how it is made? - Do you want to find out about the company’s values and practices?

* There are some very gentle options, or even air-pulse vibrators for people who are more sensitive. ** A nice development is that these days there are more and more USB rechargeable sex toys. *** It’s important to know that not all sex toys on the market are made of materials that are environmentally friendly or totally body-safe. When purchasing toys we recommend either buying toys of high quality medical grade silicone or made of easy to clean natural materials. We sometimes talk and write about sex toys which we ourselves have used in our sexploration journeys, but we don’t make any money from this or accept any offers for paid advertising. Interested in more? Our 6-month program is an in-depth journey to explore your sexuality and deepen your connection to your mind, body, and others. Click here for more info or to sign up.

If you want to learn more about pleasure and female anatomy, get our free taster package which includes a 20-minute illustrated video tour of the entire female genital universe, another practice and videos of the sexploration stories of three women.

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