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7 tips for making compliments that hit home

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With a bit of wit, charm, and a whole lot of love, we can sweep the beloved people in our lives (or even complete strangers?) off their feet and create special moments and warm fuzzy feelings that might be remembered for a long time… Master the art of praise with these 7 tips for making compliments that hit home: #1 Make it specific

Forget bland, one-size-fits-all compliments and generic sweet nothings. Zero in on the quirks and qualities that are specific to the person. "The way your eyes crinkle when you laugh? It's one of my favourite sights in the world."

#2 Make it authentic Love ain't a stage play, so make your compliments meaningful by sourcing them from a place of genuine admiration and appreciation. "Your kindness always shines through, even in the smallest gestures. It's really inspiring to see how you make everyone feel welcomed and valued."

#3 Make it about impact Explain why you appreciate their actions or qualities. Acknowledge the way they make your or other people’s life better. “Your positive attitude and determination not only uplift you but also motivate those around you to try to overcome their obstacles."

#4 Make it relevant Give the compliment an extra edge by tailoring it to the moment or the person's current situation. It adds significance and resonance. "That look you gave me across the room? It made my heart race faster than a cheetah on caffeine.”

#5 Make it personal

Be a smooth operator. Delivery is just as important as content. Adapt your word choice, tone and body language to each person.

“I love how we can have deep conversations about anything and everything.” or “Your intelligence is such a turn-on.” #6 Make it encouraging Another route to a compliment that touches deeply is to not only focus on past “achievements”, but to also encourage future efforts. "Your dedication to your voluntary work? It warms my heart. And I'll be right here cheering you on every step of the way."

#7 Make it timely The pro skill is to offer praise at just the right moment. Strike while the iron's hot - it shows people that you’re really paying attention. "When I watch the way your butt and hips move when you dance like that, it truly tests my patience…”

It doesn’t need to be long! Now don’t overthink this or spend hours planning a lengthy speech. What makes a compliment meaningful is not its length. It's thoughtfulness. Just focus on one or two of these tips and you’re likely to generate a smile. PUT IT IN ACTION So, who can you compliment today? On Valentine’s day we’d like to challenge you to give a compliment that will surprise and delight someone. Anyone.

Who will it be for you? Your favourite aunt, to your dear-old grandma or that always cheerful shop owner that always makes you smile? 

Over the past days (or even weeks?) you might have seen dozens of ads or received tons of email enticing you to buy stuff for this “special day” or to plan elaborate rituals…

Maybe it stressed you out. Maybe you did buy or prepare something and you really enjoyed it. Or maybe it made you sad about not having “a special someone”. Or maybe you detest the entire concept of Valentine's Day?

Whatever it was for you, spending a few minutes to come up with some meaningful praise for a lucky person might brighten your day. 


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