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Cliteracy #2: The clitoris is HUGE

The clitoris is HUGE. About 90% of it is located under the skin, and it can be up to 10 centimeters long - the same length as the average (non-erect) penis!

The external little nub that most of us are most familiar with is only the head (or “glans”) and the hood, the small fold of skin right above or all the way over it. Internally, the head is connected to a short body and two legs (“crura”) and vestibular bulbs, which spread around the vaginal canal in an elegant V shape. The exact shape and size of the clitoris varies depending on the individual - and bigger isn’t necessarily better. What determines a clitoris’ capacity for pleasure is how engorged, and therefore aroused it is!

Follow us here and catch the next installment of our ‘Cliteracy’ series soon ✨ And if you want to learn more about pleasure and female anatomy, sign up to our free mini-course which includes a 30 minute illustrated video tour of the entire female genital universe, two practices and a live event led by our sex and relationship coach on the 25th of March.


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