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Cliteracy #3: Clitoral ERECTION

It’s high time that people with female genitals claim the word erection! Many people with female genitalia go through life not knowing that their clitoral body, legs and bulbs ALL consist of erectile tissue. And that, as they get aroused these tissues become engorged with blood and result in a clitoral erection - the same way as a penis!

It’s shocking that in 2021, under the word “erection” even Wikipedia only provides information about penile erection, and folks with vulvas need to navigate to an entirely separate page titled “clitoral erection” to find any information that’s relevant to them.

Although clitoral erections are less obvious to externally witness than penile ones (because most of the engorgement happens under the skin), when one pays a little attention one CAN see - and most importantly FEEL - all sorts of changes. For instance:

1) the labia swell up and become 2 to 3 times larger

2) the clitoral head grows 50-300% larger

3) the clitoral hood retracts with engorgement to reveal more of the clitoral head

3) the vaginal opening and canal feel much more “snug” thanks to the swelling of the clitoral legs and bulbs 4) the clitoral head and labia become darker in colour because of the increase in blood

5) the clitoral head and body feel harder and larger

6) the clitoral head and labia MAY become shiny with natural lube being released by the Bartholin glands

7) and the entire area becomes much more sensitive!

In our next Cliteracy post we’ll share some practical tips to guide you to discover more of the pleasure potential of your own clitoris (or that of a partner). ✨ And if you want to learn more about pleasure and female anatomy, sign up to our free mini-course which includes a 30 minute illustrated video tour of the entire female genital universe, two practices and a live event led by our sex and relationship coach on the 25th of March.


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