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Cliteracy #4: Clitoral Stimulation

Curious to see what a clitoral erection looks and feels like? While not as obvious as penile erections, the signs are still there if you pay attention. Here is a brief guide to exploring and stimulating that magnificent pleasure organ The Clitoris. Have fun.


Every clitoris is unique, and what feels good for some is different for others. When exploring what gives you (or a partner) pleasure, learning what doesn’t make you tick is just as useful as learning what does. It really is all about the journey. So get excited, get curious, get lube, and get ready to fumble, finger and flick about as you explore the different sensations of pleasure you can arouse in your clitoris.

Do whatever gets you in the mood. Fantasize about something which turns you on, read some erotic fiction or listen to something sexy. Stroke your body, connect to it. Really focus on your sensations. Take your time and make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. Then, when you’re ready to start exploring, make sure you are well lubricated. Seriously. Getting slippery can make a huge difference in the depth of the sensation you feel. Use a bit of lube and then experiment with different speeds, pressures and types of touch. Toys can also open up a whole new array of sensations.


There is no wrong or right way to stimulate a clitoris. What feels best completely depends on the person and on how aroused their clitoris is. So a touch that might not feel good to start, could be exciting later on if the clitoris is more erect. Here is a vulva anatomy guide to help you visualize the different techniques you can try out.

  • Gently patting or tapping your whole vulva, as well as your mons pubis

  • Massaging your outer labia to stimulate the clitoral tissue below

  • Massaging around and into the perineum*

  • Stroking around (but not touching) the clitoral head in circular movements

  • Stroking the clitoral head in up and down or side to side movements

  • Gently rubbing your clitoral hood between your finger and thumb

  • Rolling your clitoral body under your finger(s)

  • Stimulating your clitoral hood with vibrations from a toy

  • Putting deep pressure on (or having someone sucking) the head or your clitoris

  • Pulling your clitoral hood back and exploring the head of your clitoris

  • Squeezing and releasing the muscles around your vagina*

  • Using vaginal play to stimulate your internal clitoral network*

* This can stimulate your internal clitoral network

Click here to learn more about clitoral anatomy.

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If you want to learn more about pleasure and female anatomy, sign up to our free mini-course which includes a 30-minute illustrated video tour of the entire female genital universe, two practices and a live event led by our sex and relationship coach on the 25th of March.


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