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Cliteracy #1: The word clitoris

The word ‘clitoris’ derives from the Greek ‘kleitoris’, however its meaning (much like its function) has undergone much speculation over the years.

Some ancient medical sources point to the verb ‘kleitoriazein’ - to rub or touch (as in to masturbate), and in modern German slang “der Kitzler” (the clitoris) literally means "the tickler."

The clitoris has been found and lost and found again throughout history, and so has the understanding of its anatomy and size. 90% of the clitoris is internal - meaning that delicate button you see is just the tip of the iceberg. It has 8,000 nerve endings in the tip alone (more than double the number of a penis), can swell up to 300% when aroused, and is the only known body part with the sole purpose of pleasure. And this is just the start….

Follow us here and catch the next installment of our ‘Cliteracy’ series soon ✨ And if you want to learn more about pleasure and female anatomy, sign up to our free mini-course which includes a 30 minute illustrated video tour of the entire female genital universe, two practices and a live event led by our sex and relationship coach on the 25th of March.


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