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7 ways to invest in intimacy exploration

Today is #HigherEducationDay. Our governments never invested properly in our education in the area of intimate relationships and sexuality. So as adults, most of us still have plenty to learn…

So now it’s up to us to find ways to invest in our own sexual or relational exploration! Which of these 7 ways to explore and learn appeals to you the most?

To make it easier to prioritize your intimate wellbeing, it really helps if you choose ways that feel somehow interesting or fun to you. Most of these options are completely free. All you need is curiosity and a bit of time and dedication to organize your own personal exploration journey.

  • Learning from experts: Experts with practical and/or scientific expertise for example through reading books, articles or blogs, watching videos, research-based TV series or documentaries or listening to podcasts. Some recommendations: "How to Understand Your Sexuality" by Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John Barker and "Where Should We Begin" by Esther Perel.

  • Connecting to your body: For example through practices that involve breathing, visualization, movement or self-touch/massage.

  • Taking time to reflect: Especially on your personal experience, values, needs, desires and boundaries.

  • Connecting with peers: For support or inspiration, in person or online. Peers can be friends or strangers. You can look for stories from others or share your own.

  • Talking to a partner/lover: If there is someone you are intimate with, talking to them or even practically exploring things together can be incredibly helpful to increase your understanding of each other and to deepen your bond.

  • Receiving coaching: Find a coach or therapist to get answers to your questions or to receive specific guidance for your personal situation.

  • Joining our program: If you like the sound of a fully guided experience and accessing all the resources that you might need through an app (so whenever it suits you), have a look at our program.

At Unime we are passionate about making it easier for you to invest time in your exploration, and to make the process something to look forward to (rather than another “must-do” thing on your to-do list!)

Our app-mediated program makes it easy through:

  • interactive workshops that you can do solo, with a partner or with friends (as self-care sessions, fun meet-ups, exciting “date-nights” or even weekend retreats);

  • podcasts about the research findings and guidance from experts (including Esther Perel, Meg-John Barker, Alex Iantaffi and many, many others);

  • audio guided practices to connect to your body, work through blockages and experience more pleasure;

  • powerful reflection questions to get clarity on what you’d really like to experience in your sexuality and intimate relationships, and how to work towards making that a reality;

  • written guides with all sorts of practical guidance and tools, for example for communication and physical exploration;

  • live group sessions to connect with peers, ask questions and receive coaching (anonymously).

Intrigued? Visit our website to join the waitlist for the next round of our program.


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